Pinto Pony


Pinto Pony

Ring 4 – Saturday 1pm


  • Horses must have definitive white markings on the body, not including face or below the elbow and stifle on the legs. Horses may be white and any other colour such as Bay, Black, Brown, Chestnut, Grey, Palomino, etc.
  • Must mature at less than 148cm


Best Presented Pinto pony – (Not eligible to parade for Champion or Reserve Champion)


Filly Colt or Gelding Yearling and Under

Filly 2 year old

Colt or Gelding 2 year old

Filly 3 year old

Colt or Gelding 3 year old

Champion Pinto Pony Youngstock


Stallion or Gelding 4 years and over

Mare 4 years and over

Champion Pinto Pony Adult

Grand Champion Pinto Pony


Best Paced and Mannered (Any Age or Sex)