Mountain or Moorland

Dynavyte Ring  – Saturday 2pm

Judge: Jenny Klemra


·        Open to all stock that do not have their own separate pony breed classes for example Highland, Exmoors, Dartmoors, Fjord, Haflinger etc. Geneology must be provided with proof of breed.


Best Presented Mountain or Moorland – (Not eligible to parade for Champion or Reserve Champion)


Filly Yearling and Under

Colt or Gelding Yearling and Under

Filly 2 year old

Colt or Gelding 2 year old

Filly 3 year old

Colt or Gelding 3 year old

Champion Mountain or Moorland Youngstock


Best Stallion or Gelding 4 years and over

Best Mare 4 years and over

Champion Mountain or Moorland Adult

Grand Champion Mountain or Moorland


Best Paced and Mannered (Any Age or Sex)

Best Head Mountain or Moorland Horse (Any Age or Sex)